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flac and mp3 links... (100 Watt Head, Botfly, Daddy Longlegs, Fat Amy, Five Day Rain, Gone Dog, Joel Ferguson, Knee Deep Shag, Motherbird, Owsla, Papa Vegas, Rollinghead, The Hannibals, The Verve Pipe, Twitch)

e-mail me at "jpline73 AT gmail DOT com" and I'll give you the login credentials to download. Most of the bands I'm posting have disbanded and their music isn't available that I know of. If you are part of any of these bands and want me to take down these links please e-mail me and I'll remove them. If anyone has anything that you think I may be interested in please let me know. I'm most interested in anything by Chris Bryers (Twitch, Sleet, Owsla, Selling Heaven, Knives Are Quiet, The Hovering Lights, and solo), Craig Griffith (Botfly, Daddy Longlegs, 100 Watt Head, Motherbird, and Griff & John's Afterhours Experience), Joel Ferguson (Five Day Rain, Papa Vegas, and Miles To Mars), & Dave Grant (Confirmation, Rollinghead, & Dead River Drag).

I would love to get any demos or live recordings of The Shaman Riders, The Cuttin' Heads, & Hero Pig. All I have are some songs recorded off the radio (88.9 & 92.1 Lansing stations) and some cd compilations.

For alot of mp3s from various Kalamazoo bands go to Leon's Temple
For mp3s of some Grand Rapids area bands go to furniturecityhardcore
Videos & mp3s from various Flint bands go to takenoprisoners
Info and mp3s for Detroit area bands from the 1980's go to motorcityrock

For help with flac:
main flac page
trader's little helper windows utility for flac
Mike Wren's flac page

Here's the recordings that I have posted or that I have found on the net:

Various Compilations:
Aris' Big Disc #1 (1995) "jpline87"
Aris' Big Disc #2 (1996) "jpline87"
East Lansing Underground - Sludge (cassette release) "jpline86"
Kalamazoo Compilation No. 1 - info "jpline86"
Live Harvest - Down In The Basement "jpline86"
Pulse Records - Amalgamate 101 "jpline86"
So This Is East Lansing - info "jpline85"
So This Is East Lansing 2 - info "jpline85"
The Southwest Michigan CD Sampler No. 1 "jpline86"
The Whisper Compilation - info - not uploaded yet
Volume 6 - In The Be-Guinea There Was Yikes "jpline85"
WGRD - Radioactiv 2 - info "jpline84"
WGRD - Radioactiv 3 - info "jpline84"
Yikes...Lucky Number 7 - info "jpline85"
Yikes - Volume 5 - So This Is A Compilation - info "jpline85"

100 Watt Head - There was a 5 song cd that was released called "Sweeten The Deal" but unfortunately I must not have been interested at the time to track it down. I downloaded the mp3s off of their myspace page and ripped the one track they had on "The Crotchening" soundtrack called "I'm Gone". The myspace mp3s and the one flac file are in the "jpline77" archive. If anyone has the cd, I'd definitely like a copy.

19 Wheels:
2 demos from website (mp3) "jpline74"
2000-11-24 Stooges, Grand Rapids, MI (mp3) "jpline74"

"Mirrorings Of Every" (cd release) (flac) "jpline78"
1996 "Product" (cd release) (flac) "jpline78"
various (flac) "jpline78"
Aris' Big Disc 1 & 2 (3 live tracks) (flac) "jpline78"
6 tracks from myspace (mp3) "jpline78"

apollo 9:
link to mp3s of 1992 demo on
1993 xjam showcase @ The Small Planet, E. Lansing, MI (fm) (flac) "jpline80"

Atomic Numbers:
1998-02-05 live on MSU radio 88.9 (flac) "jpline82"

Avenue Green:
1994-02-24 Local Harvest show on MSU radio 88.9 (flac) "jpline77"

Big Blank Stare:
1993 "The Weak And The Painful" (cassette release) (flac) "jpline80"

Big Blue Couch:
1993 xjam showcase @ The Small Planet, E. Lansing, MI (fm) (flac) "jpline78"
1995-01-26 "Aftertaste" Live at Harvest Studios for 89X (cassette release) (flac) "jpline78"

Botfly (all flac):
1995 self-titled cd "jpline74"
1996 live cd "Honeymoon With Botfly" "jpline74"
various tracks "Aris' Big Disc 1 & 2", So This Is E. Lansing 2, 88.9's Live In The Basement "jpline74"
1994-07-11, Small Planet, E. Lansing, MI - soundboard (looking for direct DAT transfer) "jpline77"
1995-10-24, Rick's, E. Lansing, MI - soundboard (looking for direct DAT transfer) "jpline77"
1995-11-22, The Sanctum, Pontiac, MI (audience recording that sounds distant) "jpline77"

1992 "The Whipping Of Dogs & Children" (cassette release) "jpline80"

Charm Farm:
1993 xjam showcase @ The Small Planet, E. Lansing, MI (flac) "jpline82"

Crossed Wire:
link to various mp3s on
1991 "Caught In The Current" (cassette release) (flac) "jpline82"

Daddy Longlegs:
They had a self-released live cassette pre-"Situation Normal" anyone have this?
Does anyone have the mp3 of "I Sleep" that was on their old web page?
1994-11-16, Rick's, Ann Arbor, MI (soundboard) (flac) "jpline79"
1996-09-22, Club Soda, Kalamazoo, MI (digital audience) (flac) "jpline79"
1996 "Situation Normal" (flac) "jpline79"
1998 "Pearls Before Swine" (flac) "jpline79"
"Illegal Search & Seizure" from "Radioactiv 2" (flac) "jpline79"
"Situation Normal" from "Live Harvest Down In The Basement" (flac) "jpline79"
Aris' Big Disc 2 & 3 live tracks (flac) "jpline79"
2 live tracks from myspace (mp3) "jpline79"
5 mp3s from old website "jpline79"

Dave Humphreys Project:
2 various tracks (flac) "jpline82"

Dewaynes, The:
2006-03-28 mp3s from myspace "jpline79"

Domestic Problems:
1998-03-05 live on MSU radio 88.9 (flac) "jpline77"

link to buy Tom Taylor's "Dear Diary" cd
1990 "Gone To The Front" cassette demo (recorded as The Gone) (flac) "jpline78"
"Cinch" cd release (flac) - info "jpline81"
"Widow Of An All American" cd release (flac) - info "jpline81"
1993 xjam showcase @ The Small Planet, E. Lansing, MI (fm) (flac) "jpline78"
1994-01-27 Local Harvest show on MSU radio 88.9 (flac) "jpline76"

Eye Teeth:
1993 "Threnody" (flac) "jpline82"
"Ugly" (flac) "jpline82"

1993-xx-xx, X-jam showcase, Small Planet, E. Lansing, MI (flac) "jpline77"
1994-03-03, live on 88.9 WDBM, E. Lansing, MI (flac) "jpline77"
1999-06-12, The Intersection, Grand Rapids, MI (soundboard) (flac) "jpline77"

Five Day Rain (Joel Ferguson & Pete Dunning pre Papa Vegas):
1993 self titled cd (flac) "jpline74"

Gone Dog:
link to some mp3s on
1993 "Muleskinner" cd (flac) - info "jpline78"
"Fresh Snacks" from "So This Is E. Lansing 2" (flac) "jpline78"
1994-04-07 "The Bends" live on 88.9 The Basement cd (flac) "jpline78"
I think I have a 45 record of these guys too that I'll have to dig out

Griff & John's Afterhours Experience:
cd titled "Starring Felix The Dog" (anyone know how to get a copy?)

Hannibals, The (Chris Johnston pre 19 Wheels):
1989 "Hammer Of Rain" master cassette transfer (flac) "jpline76"
1990 "From Can To Can't" (flac) "jpline76"
1991 "Monkeysuit" (flac) "jpline76"
1993 "This Midwestern" (flac) "jpline76"

Joel Ferguson:
mp3s from myspace "jpline74"

Julia Set, The:
1998-02-12 live on MSU radio 88.9 (flac) "jpline76"

1993 "Smudge" (cassette release) (flac) "jpline80"

2001-03-03, Club Soda, Kalamazoo, MI (soundboard) (flac) "jpline76"
2001-03-22, Rubbles, Mt. Pleasant, MI (soundboard) (flac) "jpline75"
2001-05-26, Club Soda, Kalamazoo, MI (soundboard) (flac) "jpline75"
2001-07-20, The Intersection, Grand Rapids, MI (soundboard) (flac) "jpline75"
Aris' Big Disc 1 & 3 live tracks (flac) "jpline75"
various mp3s "jpline75"
2 tracks various (flac) "jpline76"

Kung Fu Diesel:
"Feed And Grain" (flac) "jpline83"
"Hometown Jive" (flac) "jpline83"
Jason Peek - 3 unreleased demo songs "jpline83"
"Kung Fu Diesel" (flac) "jpline83"
"Live At The Dark Horse" (flac) "jpline83"
"Tunes From Trailersville" (flac) "jpline83"
"Twang" (flac) "jpline83"

1994-02-03 Local Harvest show on MSU radio 88.9 (flac) "jpline77"
xx-xx-xx acoustic live on MSU radio 88.9 (flac) "jpline77"

Melba, The:
self titled (cassette release) (flac) "jpline80"
1993 "Ropeburn" (cassette release) (flac) "jpline80"

Mike Cross: (former Sponge guitarist)
1 song (Stoned In Love) (flac) "jpline82"

EP cd release (flac) "jpline81"
"Bred To Be Milked" cd release (flac) "jpline81"
"Culture Spread" cd release (flac) "jpline81"

1993 "And The Tree Was Happy" (cassette release) (flac) "jpline80"

2000-07-22, Club Soda, Kzoo, MI (3 mp3s) "jpline77"
2000-12-01, The Magic Bag, Ferndale, MI (flac) "jpline77"

Muldoons, The:
1993 xjam showcase @ The Small Planet, E. Lansing, MI (flac) "jpline82"

Orange: (originally Day-Glo Orange)
"Sugarmuffin" (flac) "jpline82"
"Pill" (flac) "jpline82"

The version currently at Leon's Temple is at 192 Kbps and the first track is corrupt
5 song cassette demo (mp3 @ 320 Kbps):
01. ?Mary Anne?
02. Catch Your Death (later recorded by Sleet)
03. unknown
04. Terror Loose
05. unknown

1993 "Structured Chaos" (cassette release) (flac) "jpline78"
Self Titled cd release (flac) "jpline81"

Papa Vegas:
1999-05-19, The 7th House - Pontiac, MI (audience mini-disc) (flac) "jpline74"
various tracks: Aris' Big Disc 2 & 3, and 1 live track aired on WKLQ (flac) "jpline74"

Peace Cleaver:
"Social Medi-Sin" cd release (flac) "jpline81"
1993 xjam showcase @ The Small Planet, E. Lansing, MI (fm) (flac) "jpline80"

download mp3s of their 3 cds at Leon's Temple
I do have their cds and can post flacs if there's any interest
Rollinghead 2009-08-15 Bell's, Kzoo, MI (link to mp3 zip file)

Saucy Jack:
1994-02-17 Local Harvest show on MSU radio 88.9 (flac) "jpline77"

She's So Huge (a.k.a. shessohuge):
"No One Loves Dave" (cassette release) (flac) "jpline80"
1994 "Mary's Face" (cassette release) (flac) "jpline80"
"There's That" (cd release) (flac) "jpline81"
3 various tracks (flac) "jpline80"

Steve Sarder:
2002 - 4 demo songs (flac) "jpline76"

Teddy Richards Band:
1993 xjam showcase @ The Small Planet, E. Lansing, MI (flac) "jpline82"

Tower Blocks:
I - 8 mp3s from "jpline74"
II - 8 mp3s from "jpline74"

Toy Subway:
1992 self titled (cassette release) (flac) "jpline80"

Triangle Vision:
1993 xjam showcase @ The Small Planet, E. Lansing, MI (flac) "jpline82"

Anyone have the unreleased RCA demos (mp3 or lossless), or "Medicine Ball" in lossless?
You can buy their 2 released cds on itunes (Homewrecker / Beaten Sensless & Giddy With Love)
1993 xjam showcase @ The Small Planet, E. Lansing, MI (fm) (flac) "jpline80"
mp3 from myspace that wasn't on their 2 released cds "Wedding Day" "jpline74"
link to blog that has the mp3s of the "Medicine Ball" EP. If link is dead let me know.

lossless live recordings are up on LMA

unknown 8 song cd (flac) "jpline82"


  1. Domestic Problems are on the LMA also. Couple of great shows. Saw ORANGE - Sugarmuffin, CURSED ETERNITY - Cursed Eternity, DEAD RIVER DRAG - S/T, and The BUZZRATS - Cartoon Twilight on eBay. As well as Fat Amy and Knee Deep Shag.

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  3. Correction: i collaborated as producer-director on a music video for Eyeteeth.... And others